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Crawley Town FC

Crawley Town joined the AMS audio description family in 2015 and we have provided AD commentary at every fixture at the Broadfield Stadium since.


This vital service ensures access for all fans, enriching the matchday experience for those who are blind or vision impaired, so that no one misses any of the action.

The service is available throughout the stadium for both home and visiting fans, with our audio describers trained to deliver an impartial commentary.

"It's hard to describe exactly how important the audio description service is to people with poor vision. It's the football equivalent of a Kindle - ensuring dodgy eyesight doesn't prevent anyone from being able to do what other people take for granted. Whether reading or watching the footie, it's a service which re-opens doors which were feared permanently closed."

Karen Dunn, The Crawley and Horley Observer, and vision impaired Crawley Town fan.

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Members of the audio description commentary team at Crawley Town

Accessing The Service

The Crawley Town AD service is free to use.


To access the service, collect a receiver from the Player's and Director's Entrance located in the West Stand, from 90 minutes prior to kick off.


There you will be greeted by a member of Crawley Town staff who can provide you with a receiver.

While a small number of headsets are available, we do advise for your own comfort and personal hygiene that you bring your own headphones. These should be wired, with a normal 3.5mm jack.

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