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We offer training for aspiring commentators, audio description commentators, hosts and presenters.

Everyone employed by AMS become experts in their fields, mixing their passion with dedication and hard work. Those are great traits to have, but everyone has needed a little guidance along the way, and our training courses are where we share our knowledge and experience. We are always proud to help the next generation work towards becoming part of the industry we love.

Our commentary and audio description courses are particularly popular and offer a real first step onto the ladder for the commentators and pundits of tomorrow. We also offer host and presenter coaching, teaching participants how to confidently deliver pieces to camera. Those key skills are the same whether you’re an aspiring television presenter or you're ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level!

We offer training to both groups and individuals, either in person supported by online resources or online through Zoom.

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A training session for Audio Description Commentators at Molineux Stadium

Audio Description

AMS has trained audio description commentators at football clubs up and down the country, from Newcastle United to Crawley Town, Fulham to Wrexham. 

Through our partnership with CAFE, we trained native language speakers in every nation that hosted games in the rescheduled Euro 2020 tournament. In total through these partnerships we have trained commentators to provide audio description in 25 nations.  


We have delivered commentary courses for students on Sports Journalism courses at both Southampton Solent and Leeds Trinity University, delivering real-life experience and expertise to students at the very earliest stages of their career.

All of our in-house staff follow the same training programme as we offer to external clients.

Hosting and Presenting

We have provided numerous bespoke courses for individuals and small teams, each focusing on the required areas.

We have also worked with the wonderful English Institute of Sport to deliver training directly to Olympic and Paralympic athletes who want to transfer the skills and knowledge they've learned as elite competitors to working behind the microphone.

Training for the FIFA Arab Cup and the road to Qatar 2022

The FIFA Arab Cup took place in December 2021 and was the very first event to feature Audio Description delivered in the Arabic language. AMS worked with CAFE, the Centre for Access to Football in Europe and the Translation and Interpreting Institute at Hamad Bin Khalifa to deliver this huge first. AMS has been providing training to ensure that the service was delivered to the highest standards and is continuing to expand upon that training for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

You can learn more about the training and the service in general in this video:

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