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Announcers and Voiceover

You might not see their faces, but our network of voice talent is some of the best in the world and ideal for your event or project 

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City u17 team sheet, with the announcers microphone on the paper at a match at Loughborough University


The job of an announcer at an event is a hugely varied and responsible role. The crowd needs to know when events will start and the results, competitors need to hear safety information and other rules and regulations. At some events the announcer’s role is to be a formal voice of proceedings, whereas at others the announcer has to be pumping up an audience and creating a pulsating atmosphere. Whatever the tone of your event, AMS has a talented announcer in their network who can do the job perfectly.

AMS has provided announcers for a wide range of sporting events at international and regional levels including swimming, football, gymnastics, athletics, netball, weightlifting and many more. We have regularly provided announcers to voice award ceremonies and have worked on primetime TV broadcasts. Does your event need a great announcer? Let us know what you require!

If the venue you are using does not have an audio set up in place, we also offer a PA Hire service, so you know everything will work seamlessly. Visit the PA Hire service page for more information.


AMS has established and reliable voiceover artists to bring your project to life. We can provide high quality voice recordings for any number of different projects, always bringing a feel of quality and professionalism. From season reviews to YouTube content, we've got the voiceover artist you need.

Our team also has a huge amount of experience with podcasts and can help you bring yours to life, provide high quality readings or professional-standard recordings for advertising spots for your sponsors.  

​There is no project too big or small for our team, so speak to us today and bring your event or project to life.

Microphone in front of sound recording software

Voiceover project: Zajel Advert

Zajel is a Qatari creative agency dedicated to communicating the story of their clients through branding and marketing. This advert is designed to tie in with the World Cup being hosted in Qatar. 

AMS worked on the English language version of the advert. They provided proofreading and adapted the English language script, which was created to be in sync with the visuals. The script is delivered in the form of football commentary, celebrating the performance of the hero character Zajelman as if it's a live game. 

The Spotify page for the Wolves Matchday Programme

Voiceover project: The Wolves Matchday Programme

Started while football in England was taking place behind closed doors, the audio programme was partially a solution to the problem of fans not being able to get their hands on their usual programme on matchdays, but also became another huge victory for further improved accessibility at Wolves. Blind and vision impaired fans gained unassisted access to the programme for the first time, but the audio programme is a solution for anyone who would prefer to listen rather than read. As of November 2020, the programme began being uploaded to Spotify and is accessed in the same way many great podcasts are, giving fans all around the world access to the great content in every programme and being another way that the Club can communicate with its fanbase. 


Behind the scenes, AMS voice talent gains access to the pages of the programme as soon as they are signed off. As the physical programme is being provided to the printer, AMS works to select, record and edit the best bits of this week’s programme.

The end result is a roughly 30-minute audio file to be uploaded to Spotify, plus separate files for the manager’s and captain’s notes to be uploaded to the main Wolves website. Would your club benefit from this service, or do you have a similar project in mind? Get in touch with us today!

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