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Sports Presentation

Big screens, music, lighting, staging, graphics, feature videos, in-venue highlights, commentary, hosts, announcers...This is the full package from AMS!


​Sports Presentation is the complete package of AMS services.


The audience is there to watch amazing sport. We enhance this experience with creative touches to elevate the atmosphere and deliver a sense of spectacle. We make good events great.


Big screens, PA, pyro, lighting, staging, graphics, feature videos, in-venue highlights, commentary, hosts announcers. We provide it all.


Combining these services into one package with AMS ensures your production runs smoothly, with both the crowd and athletes leaving the venue knowing they were part of a world class event. event.

The Sports Presentation service in action at a Loughborough University boxing match

Previous work

International Paralympic Committee

While working with IPC, AMS has been behind the spectacle at many international events, including the European Swimming Championships, and the World Para Powerlifting World Cup.

We provided the full international sporting experience, including anthems and a bespoke digital flag system to quickly show results on the screen.

Members of the Alan March Sport (AMS) team at the World Para Swimming

Loughborough University

We are the official Sports Presentation partner of Loughborough University! We deliver this service at every Loughborough Lightning netball and wheelchair basketball home fixture and previously for the Lightning cricket franchise that was based in Loughborough.


When the hall lights go down, the big screen and host announce the players coming onto the pitch through sparks and lights, you know you’re at a Lightning game. Behind the scenes, all these moments are coordinated precisely to ensure the game starts exactly on time.

British Weightlifting

The athletes do all the heavy lifting on the stage, but behind the scenes it is all AMS!

We provided fantastic atmosphere, including a carefully coordinated lighting set up designed to highlight the stage where the action was taking place, and nothing but the stage!

The staging provided by Alan March Sport (AMS) at the British Weight Lifting tournament
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