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PA Hire

Great sound is a requirement for every event. We can provide the equipment, a sound engineer and the music and sounds themselves 

High quality audio is a must for any event. The audience and the competitors need to hear announcements, background music ensures atmosphere and crowds love to hear celebratory stings whenever their team scores!

Our equipment is suited to both indoor and outdoor events, large or small scale. Whether you’ve got a single indoor set up or a whole festival of sport with multiple locations, we will always provide exactly what is required.

We offer a complete service, from planning the equipment your event needs, delivery and set up. We will always have the option of a sound engineer available to ensure your audio is delivered without a hitch.  

If you need music playing, we have a range of family-safe playlists ready to go which we can adapt for your event, so you can rest assured that nothing inappropriate will be played. If your event is being televised or streamed we have suitable royalty free music ready, too.

Want to know how we can make your event sound fantastic? Get in touch now! 

The sound equipment Alan March Sport (AMS) uses to provide announcements at a football match, at St George's Park
An Alan March Sport (AMS) sound engineer working at a Lightning cricket match

St. George's Park

We are the trusted supplier of PA and announcers to the FA at the National Football Centre in St. George's Park, Burton. Whether it is an official international match requiring national anthems, a corporate event or a youth powerplay game where the music is a crucial part of the match, if a sound system is required, we will be there. From one-off games to a whole tournament stretching across multiple days, we provide the same high standard of service every time. 

IBSA Blind Football European Championship

At the Blind European Football Championship, Berlin 2017 we delivered a 20 speaker set up that required over a kilometre of cable. As well as providing and running the PA, we were responsible for in-venue music, national anthems and entertainment.

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