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Hosts and Presenters

Our hosts and presenters are experienced industry professionals delivering at the highest levels, including Olympic Games.

An AMS host working at a blind football match
An Alan March Sport (AMS) presenter at the BDO championships

Hosts and presenters are the people who will become the face of your event. If you’ve got a large crowd who need information and entertainment, you need a great host. Wanting to deliver the highest quality stream or television broadcast? You’ll need a great presenter.

Our hosts are experts at getting the best out of a live crowd, with years of experience in what to say and how to say it. They’ve learned how to increase participation and how to build up a pulsating atmosphere, encouraging fans to make their own voices heard. Our hosts have worked at everything from major international events such as the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, through to domestic events such as those at Loughborough University and St Georges Park, as well as one-off events such as awards dinners. 

Presenters can bring that same life to an event for audiences who are not in attendance. Whether your event is being broadcast live or being pre-recorded, we can provide presenters who your audience will love. Whether they’re talking directly to the camera, interviewing the people involved or sharing the screen with an expert pundit our presenters know how to bring the best out of every situation. While working for AMS, our presenters have featured on screen for many major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Eurosport, and Freesports TV.

Regardless of whether you need a host, presenter or both, be assured that everyone who works for AMS is highly professional and understands the responsibility that comes with being the face of your event.

We have the experience in our team of hosts and presenters to elevate your events and broadcasts to the next level!

Want more information about the hosting and presenting services we can provide? Get in touch! 

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