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Talent Agency

Let us find exactly who your event needs, whether it is one of our staff or the incredible network of freelancers we trust to represent us 

Finding the right people to make your event run smoothly can sometimes be incredibly frustrating, especially when time is of the essence. With over a decade within the events industry, AMS has built an incredible network of staff and freelancers that can fill the positions you require.

From your field of play managers to camera operators, sound engineers to showcallers, we know the people who can make your event run smoothly. We work hard to ensure our inhouse staff develop skills to perform numerous roles, constantly delivering to the highest standards by learning from the very best in the industry. Our freelancers understand that when we send them to perform a role, they are not only representing themselves, but the exacting standards of AMS. This understanding is a crucial part of why our agency services are trusted by clients who return to us time and time again.

Contact us and let us know the details and budget for your event or project, and we will get to work immediately finding the right person for you. No role is too niche!

If you need to find someone to fill a role urgently, please give us a call rather than emailing!

The Alan March Sport (AMS) team in full at the World Para Swimming Championships in Madeira 2022
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